Make File Transferring a Snap!

One thing that has always bugged me about technology is the incompatibility of Apple products with other devices...don't get me wrong I've been a dedicated Apple user for years.

I bought my first iPhone when I was a young teen, since then I've traded up several times.

I understand WHY they want to remain separate. But ultimately it can be irritating.

I work off of a desktop PC, a MacBook, a Samsung phone and of course an when it comes time to transfer's a headache of cords or cards.

File management is a skill I continue to work on, but with this awesome tool, the transfer process is MUCH easier between devices. allows you to share your files across most devices and operating systems.

How it works: Make sure both devices are on the same wifi network, navigate to on both devices, drag and drop a file or open from your phone or computer. It's that easy.

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-Mackinley Miles


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