Tips and Tricks to Improve your Social Media Presence

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

I made the decision last year to start my own business.

Honestly I think I was fed up with putting a lot in to my regular job and not having enough time for what I was passionate about.

I wanted to work for myself and enjoy what I do day to day.

But I was also nervous about the cost and success rate of this venture.

So taking the first steps was pretty terrifying...

Through school I was able to learn how to help myself and others with their advertising and marketing needs.

I enjoyed everything I learned and started to learn outside of the classroom, online and through seminars.

So for this blog post I wanted to list some tips and tricks to:


Focus on customer service

Remember in this day and age customer service on social media is very important.

News spreads fast, whether it is praise on your latest product or a dissatisfied customer…

… how well you react to it says a lot about your business.

Some businesses live online and on social media, therefore responding to people's questions and comments timely and professionally is crucial.

Curate eye-catching content

When consumers are scrolling through their social accounts it takes a lot to get them to stop.

Create eye-catching content that will intrigue your demographics to watch or read on.

Connect to your audience with original content such as product photos or behind the business promotions.

High quality video production and photography can add authenticity to your brand, if you are worried about cost, some businesses offer fair rates for these services.

Engage with your audience

Another way to engage with your audience is to include them in your promotions, try small giveaways or get them to tag themselves in a picture with your product or employees.

As mentioned before replying to peoples questions, comments and messages is important to establish communication with your audience. If customers notice your timely responses they are more likely to consider purchasing a product or service.

Simply SEO

When I first heard the acronym SEO I had no idea what it entailed, it took me a while to learn what the point of it was and how helpful SEO is for understanding your business from a marketing and advertising perspective.

SEO is the practice of increasing search engine rankings of web pages. This way they will appear higher in search results and bring traffic to your site.

SEO works to build organic traffic from your customer base and demographics. This traffic is all unpaid marketing.

Google dominates over 90 percent of the overall search market so using Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) puts your business at a great advantage.

For better performance some businesses use online toolkits such as SEMrush to help them understand the technical/analytical side of their sites and social media pages.

Now I have just started to use SEMrush so I don't have a solid opinion on it yet but from what I've seen, it is quite well laid out. I may mention my experience with tool in future blogs.

I hope some of this information was helpful and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Thanks for reading!